Zelda P.

I am amateur photographer and photo reotucher from Croatia. Since I was a little kid I grew up in home made photo studio with analog cameras and all those mighty equipment. Days were passing and I realize I can't run away from the love called - photography. Today I found my real passion in photo retouch, especially in fashion/ art human portraits. In free time, I shoot mostly landscapes and arhitectual stuff. Blemish fix, skin smoothing, body shape correction, eyes whitening, make up correction, dodging and burning shadows are some of the many tasks I do on my daily basis.
  • Signed up: 10 years ago
  • Last seen: N/A

My services are priced as follows (cost per photo)

Correct color / exposure, Crop / resize / straighten, Sharpen / reduce noise
Few spots clean-up, Minor enhancements, Change / remove background
Skin / hair beauty retouch, Montage / blend few images, Restore old photo, Creative / major manipulation
1+ photos $12.50 $25.00 $62.50
10+ photos $10.00 $18.75 $50.00