Product photography

How to edit product photos

Getting product photos ready to upload to an online store after you done with the shooting is one of the most important things in the product photography.

Import and backup

First thing is to transfer your images from your card to your computer. Make sure you get yourself a good USB card reader. Use Lightroom to assign proper metadata and copyright automatically. It might also be a perfect time to back up the photos to a secondary location.

Edit in Photoshop

Crop the picture to center the product in the frame. Do some basic correction - white balance, adjust levels. Sometimes you may need to go further and retouch few spots to get the product look flawless. If you’d like to make your product pop, try adding a shadow.

Resize and export

For product pictures online (eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce websites), you really don’t need anything more than 600-1000 pixels in width. Save the picture using 72 pixels per inch resolution. You are done!

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