Fashion photography

How to post process fashion photos

Post processing an integral part of any professional photography workflow and for a fashion photographer this is even more important. You want to provide awesome quality to your clients, on time, without being chained to the computer for eternity. Follow the workflow!

1. Import and choose the best photos

First thing is to transfer your images from your card to your computer. Make sure you get yourself a good USB card reader. Use Lightroom to assign proper metadata and copyright automatically, use star rating or flagging system to select best photos. Choose the images that closely match with your vision, you cannot add elements and make your image the way you had envisioned it if you start off with the wrong composition. It might also be a perfect time to back up the photos to a secondary location.

2. Create a contact sheet

A contact sheet is the list of shots of a photographer. Use Lightroom to generate PDF file to send to a client or agency. Add file names under the images so you know what image your client is talking about.

3. Retouch selected photos

Always work on layers, choose the image and create two layers. Adding a mask will ensure when you edit and remove the blemishes and imperfections the areas which are not to be touched can be reverted back easily.

Remove textures and make skin look softer. Remove blemishes. The healing brush tool allows you to get rid of skin imperfections as well as sensor dust in a jiffy. To retain the skin textures while removing blemishes use the clone stamp tool. Dodge and burn but ensure that the effect looks ‘blend-in’ and does not stick out like a sore thumb.

4. Save and export images

Save your final retouched image as a PSD file, it will take less space then TIFF with layers. Flatten your image and save it as a TIFF for printing. Upload high res JPEG photos to one of the online storage services for sharing with a client or agency and the backup.

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