Roy M.

I have recently left the corporate world for the chance to turn my job into a hobby, focusing on what I love doing best: photo retouching and digital imaging, with a little graphic design on the side. Wedding and class pictures, portraits, architecture and landscapes, vacation pictures, special events... whatever. I can restore old or damaged photos, remove unwanted elements, blemishes and imperfections, adjust contrast and color, crop, make enhancements or alterations. How about fun collages for awards, personal gifts or school athletics. Be sure to check out the Gallery! For business, I can provide photo editing or complex digital imaging to create powerful, memorable impressions. You will benefit from my 35 years of experience in marketing communications, including work as illustrator and graphic designer for advertising agencies, as a design studio owner, and employment as advertising and marketing communications manager for a variety of companies, both consumer and B2B.
  • Signed up: 9 years ago
  • Last seen: 2 months ago
  • Location: Toledo, OH, United States
  • Responsiveness: Very Fast