Bill R.

I have built my career working with other design and photography professionals around the world. Having worked as Creative Director, Photography Producer and Creative Manager in both general advertising and catalog direct mail, I have demonstrated diverse talents and skills in both design and photography. I feel my work illustrates my style as well as my ability to work with diverse clients and products/services. My resent focus has been in the areas of photography and image editing/manipulation. I love retouching/enhancing products as well model/lifestyle photography. Using my expert skills in Photoshop with a keen designers eye I am able perform expert retouching that best develops the product or the emotion of an image. I can be reached at RogersC*******************. I represent various areas of skills in my different portfolios; photography, retouching and design.
  • Signed up: 9 years ago
  • Last seen: 6 years ago
  • Location: Alton, NH, United States