Inna K.

Hello! I have Photoshop skills in the field of such Categories: I. STANDARD: 1. Removing facial glare 2. Removing stray hairs 3. Dust spots in the background 4. Marks or stains on the skin 5. Whiten eyes and teeth II. STANDARD + EXTRAS: 1. Swap heads 2. Extend backgrounds 3. Change the color of a background 4. Remove a small object 5. Remove a plant 6. Remove a piece of string from a shirt 7. Remove a line from a wall 8. Remove a wrinkle from a canvas backdrop 9. Change the color of lipstick 10. Eyeglass Glare Removal III. CUSTOM WORK: 1. Add/Remove People 2. Removing BIG objects 3. Changing a complex background 4. Changing color of clothing 5. Anything not covered by Standard or Standard + Extras IV. CLIPPING PATH: Removing the background from an image As well as I'm working with high quality retouching portraits, creating the texture of the skin; glamor retouch; collage; color processing, toning; photos preparation for printing. I keep striving for perfect natural look of photo!
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  • Location: Kremenchuk, Ukraine