Neven K.

I'm a self-taught, Croatian based photographer and retoucher, an absolute Photoshop addict in love with pixel peeping. In Photoshop since cs2 and in photography since 2010. I'm specialized in beauty/fashion photography and retouching and also have experience in product retouching and global photo enhancements (landscape, weddings, iphone imagery). My service is providing a quality output, dedicating myself to maximum detail enhancing. Using already known techniques from healing, cloning, dodging and burning, split freq/apply image methods trying to enhance the image depth as color tonality and leveled saturation. The final image, for me, has to have perfect color and light/shadow balance and my main goal is to achieve that. I do beauty retouching (fashion, weddings, concepts etc.) for any purpose (print,magazine,poster,online), but also doing regular retouching and photo enhancements, removing unwanted elements or adding new elements to the image.
  • Signed up: 9 years ago
  • Last seen: 3 years ago
  • Responsiveness: Very Fast