Joseph J.

We are a digital imaging and photo post production company with over 50 trained professionals from advertising and photography backgrounds lending expertise to our work. Send us your photos with a brief, and we can promptly, efficiently and cost-effectively transform them to match your requirement. Our experienced team of photographers are well-versed in camera work and design, producing excellent results in image editing. They work in tandem with our skilled team of advertising professionals who lend versatility to our ideas with their keen eye for aesthetic and strong knowledge of visual media. Our portfolio of services covers a wide range of techniques including clipping path, masking, retouch, creative retouch and wedding photography editing) at the most basic as well as advanced levels. Our core team of creative professionals cater to publishers, advertising agencies, fashion designers, print media and hospitality giants around the world.
  • Signed up: 3 years ago
  • Last seen: 3 months ago
  • Location: Houston, DE, United States
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