Clipping O.

Hi, Greetings!! We at ClippingOne provide high standard photo editing & retouching service. Such as fashion photo retouching, advertising picture retouching, real estate image retouching, product image editing, wine bottle retouching, shadow making, masking, cleaning image, creases removal etc. You can make the order to us. Definitely will be very happy with experience with us. Cheers, ClippingOne
  • Signed up: 2 years ago
  • Last seen: 2 years ago
  • Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

My services are priced as follows (cost per photo)

Correct color / exposure, Crop / resize / straighten, Sharpen / reduce noise
Few spots clean-up, Minor enhancements, Change / remove background
Skin / hair beauty retouch, Montage / blend few images, Restore old photo, Creative / major manipulation
1+ photos $25.00 $31.25 $37.50
10+ photos $187.50 $250.00 $312.50