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Correct color / exposure, Crop / resize / straighten, Sharpen / reduce noise, Few spots clean-up, Minor enhancements, Restore old photo
Photo restoration, enhancement, and colorization. Photo of the lady would need to have blank ink smudges removed, quality of the photo enhanced, and color adjusted. For colorization of photo of boy, the uniform is a 1940's Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform (red jacket, navy pants with yellow stripe, brown boots, and tan hat) - google: "RCMP uniform" for inspiration.
Long-term conditionsLow volume, infrequent need for now. Trying to get my elderly grandparents interested in photo restoration, but can't make any commitment on their behalf.
  • Advanced Retouching
  • Closed: 2 years ago
  • Award: 2 x $75.00
  • Seeking long-term retoucher