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Hello I had this old photo cleaned up here yesterday. I'm wondering if it might look better with some colour. My mothers hair would have been light chestnut brown. She is standing in front of a frangipani tree (they have a beautiful dark waxy leaf) I'm not sure if it is the white and yellow flower of the white and pink variety Australia has lovely blue skies The old lattice work besides should look old but still have depth I do not know what colours her dress belt and cardigan are. No makeup light olive complexion. Thanking You ==== Added on 03 Dec 2020, 01:44 ==== Hello there is no hurry I will not be choosing until Monday her hair was slightly darker than the light brown most are posting. She had a very nice skin complexion it was not sepia. ==== Added on 03 Dec 2020, 03:09 ==== I am sorry for the confusion her skin was lighter with an Australian glow not the sepia. And her hair would have been medium to dark chestnut brown. No Hurry ........If allowed I will be selecting on MONDAY. Thanking you all ==== Added on 03 Dec 2020, 22:02 ==== Hello Again Only one contestant has found that she has a hand under the leaves and also a bow in her hair I am starting to eliminate some I have a photo of me at that age it has hot been cleaned up but it might show you her colouring just ask me. Not so bright that it is fake looking and not a sepia face :) I will be calling the winner Monday
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