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I love this photo, but the lighting was terrible. Would like to match the skin, hair, eye, and teeth colors to the reference image. But, would like to avoid removing wrinkles or ending up with a "flat" skin color (I think there's a way to use photoshop to use the skin color from another image as a layer over the original color, while keeping variation in color and other details, but can't figure it out?) Some additional small edits: * Please remove the one fly-away sticking out from her hair (the rest can stay as is). * Please add some subtle highlights to minimize the dark/white roots in her hair. * Please substantially lighten the shadow under her face (by her neck/hair). * Please remove the small corner of black rug in the lower right corner. * The background looks kind of grainy - is there a way to fix that, and also just brighten the background generally a bit? Thank you so much!! This is such a special photo and these corrections would mean a lot to me!
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