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Correct color / exposure, Crop / resize / straighten
Zoom and focus in on consumer product (=ring) and crop to 1280x800. Center consumer product. Align with the 3 images 1395, 1396 and 1397, so that the hand is stable in the center while rotating.
Long-term conditionsIt will be high volume. Each project will have between 100 to 4000 products, although most will be around 300 products. Average will be 4 images per product, so approximately 1200 images per project. Projects will be plentiful with quick turn around times of between 1 and 4 days, since the retouching per image is minimal (mostly cropping, zooming, panning and minor color/exposure adjustments). Projects can (and will) be done by several retouchers, so there will be ability to schedule the projects around your schedule.
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  • Award: 3 x $15.00
  • Mandatory long-term conditions