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I am looking to have this picture edited to look more cinematic and dramatic. I am going to have it printed on a 60x40 inch canvas to surprise my Fiance in our new home, so the resolution and DPI (300) needs to stay as they are. There is an odd green highlight surrounding the rocks and a few other areas that needs to be fixed. I'd like the final result to still look somewhat natural (no orange skin or anything), but to look like something out of a magazine or a piece of art. I would like the sky to look more dramatic for sure as the sunset wasn't fully captured. Currently the color is kind of washed out. Nothing needs to be added to the picture. Maybe a wave in the background would make it look more dramatic but is not absolutely necessary - just a thought. My fiance and I will also be looking for a retoucher long term to retouch our favorite 100 wedding photos. I know this won't be cheap - but it is worth it to have a memorable set! Please let me ==== Added on 10 Oct 2015, 08:17 ==== 'CREATIVE/MAJOR MANIPULATION WELCOME. It won't let me reselect my options - even though I am already paying for the advanced retouching option. Can't wait to see the results!
Long-term conditionsFollowing this contest, my fiance and I will be looking for a retoucher to work on 100 wedding photos and then 100 more honeymoon photos. We have a $5,000 budget for retouching - but won't consider anyone who doesn't work in this contest. Long term retouching is not absolutely necessary for this contest either. ==== Added on 10 Oct 2015, 08:06 ==== THIS WAS MY FIRST CONTEST - LONG TERM RETOUCHING NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO ENTER CONTEST. While we will be looking for someone in the future - this contest does NOT require any commitment on your end. I just want the best edit possible to make my Fiance as happy as she deserves :)
  • Advanced Retouching
  • Closed: 9 years ago
  • Award: 1 x $75.00
  • Require long-term retoucher

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